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Four Tips to Help Avoid Common Muscular Disorders at Work by AFC Industries

More than simply creating a comfortable place to work, ergonomics can help office workers avoid a number of common conditions, including disorders of the tendons, nerves, and muscles. Collectively known as musculo-skeletal disorders, or MSDs, these conditions can often be traced to improper workspace design or poor work habits. Some common causes of MSDs include … Continue reading

Creating an Ergonomic Workplace, From AFC Industries

Creating an ergonomic office often leads to significant savings for management, as well as increased productivity. OSHA lists numerous examples of the benefits companies have gained by adopting ergonomic workspaces. In just one example cited, an insurance company experienced a 70 percent decrease in lost work days and an 89 percent drop in workers’ compensation … Continue reading

Ergonomics and You

Ergonomics is a field of study that attempts to understand the relationship between an individual’s body and the work that he or she performs. To those who study ergonomics, or ergonomists, the physical work environment should be designed to optimize employees’ well-being, safety, and productivity. The goal of the ergonomist is to assess how job … Continue reading

AFC Industries Presents: The Benefits of a Quality Ergonomic Workstation

The U.S. Department of Labor Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) notes that musculoskeletal disorders caused by poor ergonomics affect primarily the thumbs, fingers, shoulders, wrists, hands and back. Injuries are caused by repetitive twisting and gripping, working with the hands above the head, forceful hand and wrist motions, whole body vibrations, and repetitive motions … Continue reading


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