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Four Tips to Help Avoid Common Muscular Disorders at Work by AFC Industries

More than simply creating a comfortable place to work, ergonomics can help office workers avoid a number of common conditions, including disorders of the tendons, nerves, and muscles. Collectively known as musculo-skeletal disorders, or MSDs, these conditions can often be traced to improper workspace design or poor work habits.

Some common causes of MSDs include repetitious work, holding the body in one position for extended periods of time, and improper posture or positions of individual joints. Direct pressure, sudden motions, temperature, and vibrations can also lead to MSDs.

Focusing on a few simple tips will reap numerous benefits in terms of overall employee health and productivity while reducing the number of MSD-related injuries among staff.

1. Repetitive work actions should be divided into stages.

2. When using equipment that requires a range of motion, the best arrangement will avoid calling for extreme positions.

3. Fingers and hands should be kept warm.

4. In addition, it is a good idea to train employees to avoid using too much force, even for such seemingly simple tasks as typing or opening drawers and file cabinets.

A leading producer of innovative medical and technical furniture, AFC Industries serves a wide range of clients, including major hospitals, freestanding clinics, and other facilities throughout the United States.



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