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AFC Industries

AFC Industries Presents: The Benefits of a Quality Ergonomic Workstation

The U.S. Department of Labor Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) notes that musculoskeletal disorders caused by poor ergonomics affect primarily the thumbs, fingers, shoulders, wrists, hands and back. Injuries are caused by repetitive twisting and gripping, working with the hands above the head, forceful hand and wrist motions, whole body vibrations, and repetitive motions without adequate time to recover between motions. Injuries are also caused by sitting or standing with a bent, awkward posture, seats without adequate lumbar support, and work surfaces that cause workers to extend their arms to reach items.

An ergonomically correct workplace helps to create a healthy workforce and a more efficient organization by reducing strain and injury caused by improperly designed chairs and workstations. Ergonomic improvements also decrease repetitive use of machines such as computers, scanners, instruments, and industrial tools. Workers are healthier and experience less fatigue and discomfort. They feel valued, and morale improves. Productivity and profits increase, and occupational injury, workers’ compensation claims, and sick days are drastically reduced.

About AFC Industries: Attractive and durable medical and technical furniture by AFC Industries is crafted with safety, comfort, adaptability, and function in mind. Metal furniture from AFC, such as carts and workstations, is constructed of reinforced steel, and wood surfaces are built from long-lasting pressurized laminates.



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